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We have owned Goldens since 1998 when we purchased our first Golden Retriever who we called Max.

He was such a character and he thought he was human.  We were hooked from there on and decided we would like to purchase a bitch and she was called Gemma. 

We thought it would be nice to have a litter from Gemma and once she grew up, we had the mandatory health tests carried out, advised for the breed, having her eyes tested and her hips scored.  Having good health tests we decided to breed from her.

We had our first litter in 2002 from which we kept a bitch, who we called Rosie.  It was then that we got the “show bug”.    We showed Rosie with moderate success however she didnt really take to showing so her show career was quite short.  She did however do gundog training and with her we took part in a few gundog working tests and on one occasion we were lucky enough to be awarded a joint 5th place out of about 30 entrants.

Max however, once having had some training, proved to be very good at gundog work and was consistently placed at club level in Working Tests.  He also became a valued member on our local shoot as a picking up dog.

Since owning Goldens we have enjoyed taking part in various activities that Golden Retrievers enjoy, namely agility, gundog training, obedience training, Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards and taking part in Open and Championship Shows.

Our Goldens are primarily our pets and live in the house with us.  All puppies are lovingly reared in our home.

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and active dogs and do enjoy taking part in many activities.  If this is your chosen breed, it is very important to commence training your puppy at a very young age so that they grow up to be well behaved and a pleasure to have around.  We recommend that puppies are taken to puppy/obedience/socialising classes where there is help at hand when training your puppy to be a well behaved and valued member of your family.

We are always pleased to receive updates on how our puppies are doing in their new homes and love to receive pictures of them as they grow up.  We are always happy to give advice and help if and when needed on any aspect of your dog’s life.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website.