****We mated one of our girls in April 2020 but sadly after having a scan, it is now confirmed, that she is not in whelp.***

Please, when you are looking for a puppy, only visit reputable websites that ask for full health test results for both parents before they will allow the advertisement to be published.   i.e., I would recommend Champdogs.co.uk.

There seems to be a massive shortage of puppies at the moment and you should also be warned that you should NOT give anyone a deposit without first having proof that there is definitely a puppy to purchase, in the recent pandemic it seems that people are cashing in on this scam, please be careful.

I would also urge you to consider your current position, with many people at home now with the coronavirus.  Is this the right time for you to be bringing a puppy into your household.  You and your family may be around all the time at the moment, but what happens when you all go back to work/school. The puppy will be left for long hours and may not adjust to this lifestyle very easily and dogs should not be left for long hours in the first place, if you work full time it is not the time to bring a dog into your life.

Something else that needs to be considered very carefully before bringing a puppy into your home is that a puppy needs socialising and to attend puppy classes.  There are no training classes available at the moment due to the “lockdown” and I feel that it will be some time before we are going to be able to provide training classes for people with their young puppies/dogs.  Whilst you are walking your puppy, because of the  “Social Distancing” regulation, you may also find it difficult to socialise your puppy with other puppies and dogs.  Whilst puppy is young it is a very impressionable time for them and what they learn in the first six months of their lives may mould their temperaments for life, I.e., they may be wary of lots of people in public places, children and other dogs etc.

Feel free to email me at www.p.todd4@btinternet.com if you would like any advice/information .

We will update our site as and when we have any news of puppies on the way either from one of our girls or possibly that one of our boys have sired.  We do occasionally have bitches visit for a mating and once we have confirmation that a bitch is in whelp we will put details on this website of both Sire and Dam.



Details of our litters will be on the “Our Litters” page and details of puppies sired by our boys will be found on the “Puppies” page where contact details can be found.

For general enquiries please email or telephone


email:  p.todd4@btinternet.com

Telephone: 01329 834218


typical Toddrosa puppy